Strategic Performance’s team includes seasoned experts who assist each company project on specific required deliverables to “add value” to your firm


Managing Partner Consultant-MBA, former Vice President of Sales, with 30+ years of Executive Management Experience having served roles as a President/COO and Executive VP as well.


Marketing & Industry Analytics-MBA with 17 years of marketing, business, and economic research; specializing in industry analysis, customer service campaigns, and tactical business plans


Marking & Project Management-MBA with 17 years of experience in revenue project management and detailed promotional campaigns including, PR work, social media, adverting, and e-commerce strategies


Financial & Management Consultant-40 years of Executive & Board Management, expert in customized financial modeling, valuations, business strategy and mergers/acquisitions.


Corporate Executive-Military Consultant who specialized in start-up businesses and building business units for 35 years


Sales President-30 years as a business executive specializes in export/imports, retail, wholesale/distribution and consumer product goods companies.


Development & Fund-Raising Consultant-30 years as a seasoned business development professional as a CRRE, with a broad experience in capital campaigns, major gifts, annual funds, and feasibility studies.