Sales & Marketing Custom Revenue Models

The strategic sales and marketing plan is the center piece of any solid company business plan. A good Sales & Marketing Plan has three main parts that when put together form the basis of the revenue plan; Marketing & Industry Research, Strategic Business Model, and the Tactical Plan which is a one-year detailed set of actions that specify the exact steps sales & marketing steps to move the company’s revenue goals forward. Strategic Performance has developed customized sales & marketing models for 25 companies over the last 18 years ranging in business size from start-ups to multi-tier organizations.


Strategic Business Planning

The longer term flexible plan (usually 2-3 years) that determines the correct revenue business model. The Strategic Plan blends the Sales & Marketing plan with the Operational & Management Process Plan (Manufacturing or Production or Construction or Logistics) with a customized Financial & Accounting model. An on-site Strategic Business Plan can be developed by our consulting team at Strategic Performance that will answer the questions: “Who are we?” What do we do well?”  “Where are we going?” “How will we get there?”


Sales Coaching/Sales Training/Business Development

Detailed Business Development Plans can be customized along with training the “hunting and closing skills” necessary to chase the type of customers who can provide on-going long- term profit margins for your company. Selling different products or services in different types of industries require different sales skills and training. Young start-up companies and smaller organizations usually cannot afford to hire a seasoned Vice President of Sales talent. These owners of these type companies often need Executive Sales Coaching for their younger less experienced Sales Managers. Strategic Performance can perform on-site leadership development, organizational development and sales training for companies with these needs.


Executive Management

Strategic Performance has served the following interim executive roles for multiple companies within different industries to help implement plans through various phases of businesses:

  • President/COO
  • General Manager
  • Executive Vice President
  • CMO
  • Vice President of Sales & Marketing



Executive Hiring/Compensation Plans

Strategic Performance can help Owners hire the Sales Leadership and Executives that makes the difference in managing the revenue plans. We can take over the process to outline the required talent needs, prepare the job description, handle the job recruiting process including resume evaluation, interviews, and final selection process. During this process we will design a performance based compensation plan along with a step-by-step on-boarding process for the new hire. A win-win compensation plan can be developed to incentivize Sales Leaders and Executives to meet the company’s goals while the new management meets their personal financial goals and leadership growth.


Sales Metrics/CRM Development

Strategic Performance can develop the reports required to inform Ownership on how Sales Management and the sales team members’ performances should be measured. We have vast experience in developing capture rate requirements, lead generation activities, and return on investment for promotional activities. Strategic Performance’s strategic planning emphasizes the need for setting up CRM (customer relationship management) computer programs to track the daily-weekly-monthly-quarterly activities of your sales force field activities, lead follow-up, and opportunity tracking. Today’s executives need this pertinent information to budget the selling and marketing expenses of the sales & marketing operations.



Channel Strategy

Strategic Performance can develop the selling channels for marketing a company’s product or services nationally or regionally via Distributorships, Dealerships, or Independent Rep Firms. This includes sales management of the channels, two-step pricing models, and channel margin analysis tools are developed as well as promotional materials to support a channel strategy.



Marketing Strategy/Promotional Tactics

Strategic Performance has the manpower to develop the entire marketing campaigns and lead generation strategy including the advertising, public relations, trade show, sales literature, web/internet and social media plans to work seamlessly with the sales strategy of the company. To date, we have worked with over 22 companies from various business sectors in managing their marketing strategy and budgets.



Sales & Business Analysis

Strategic Performance is accomplished in the areas of marketing and business analysis having performed over 20 projects including:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Management Audits
  • Industry Analysis
  • Detailed Competitive Analysis



Project Management

Small and newer companies often do not have the extra Executive manpower to lead, manage, and implement large or difficult business projects that fall outside the capabilities of the existing management. Strategic Performance can meet these objectives as an outsourced interim team member to take on difficult business project such as a new product development, new geographical market analysis, study a strategic alliance, etc. and see the project from birth to implementation.