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GROWING THE REVENUE OF BUSINESSES IS WHAT WE DO! Today’s Competitive Business environment demands that companies engage in top line revenue growth.  Strategic Performance provides a personal on-site customized program to assist owners/management maximize revenue growth.


Business owners need answers to these 7 Revenue Growth questions and a plan to get there:

  1. How do we grow long term? Strategic Business Planning to determine the correct revenue business model. A detailed 2-3 year plan that blends a sales oriented company with operations, administration, and accounting all geared toward a set of “real strategies” and tactics. This becomes the model that all components of the company center their cohesive goals around. The strategic plan will answer the questions; “Who are we?” What do we do well?” “Where are we going?” and “How will we get there?”

  3. Where are we going wrong? A detailed Marketing Management Audit determines where a company can competitively exceed the standards in their industry to benefit from a long-term strategic plan. This is similar to a financial CPA audit. The marketing audit is an independent professional in depth evaluation to find out where your product and services “are really positioned” in the marketplace. A good unbiased marketing audit builds the foundation for all future sales & marketing decisions.

  5. Where do we grow? A customized Sales & Marketing Plan to determine the correct utilization of your sales force, pipeline management, CRM program,  targeted marketing, inside sales support, selling systems, metrics,  and customer service. This viable component of the overall plan will center only identify the needs, problems, and opportunities concerning the company’s current customers and future prospects.

  7. How do we maximize our sales with our current resources? A Tactical Sales Plan including a competition /market share evaluation to determine how to immediately increase available revenue opportunities and accountability. A good tactical sales plan is a one year detailed plan of action specifying the exact steps to grow the company profitably based on the strategic business plan of the organization.

  9. Should we offer new products or launch into new markets?  A Feasibility Study can statistically help determine whether new products or exploring new markets is attainable for accelerated growth. This study will make the decision to “go forward, hold position, or abort a new product launch or revenue service division or new company.

  11. How do we go after bigger accounts or markets? A detailed Business Development Plan can be customized along with training the “hunting skills” necessary to obtain long term gross profit margins. Strategic Performance will perform on-site leadership development, organization, and training with the long-term revenue generating employees. A customized business development plan will be designed for the type of product, service, and image that your company needs in the marketplace.

  13. How can we manage or improve our team? Interim Executive or Interim Sales Management can be provided by Strategic Performance to manage your sales force and direct new targets, new territories, and to train your leaders. We have the ability to serve several interim executive roles such as the President, COO, Chief Business Development Officer, VP Sales & Marketing, Sales Management, etc. to facilitate a leadership role needed on a short term basis(usually 9-18 months). During this time, we develop the plans and goals while working in a management role. We can also hire the future executive management staff that will generate the revenue and management goals that our team has developed.